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£50 to cut off my TV thanks to TiVo

I paid £50 to have a TiVo box installed and a very nice engineer turned up at 08.00, box in hand. By 09.15 he was still unable to get the software to "Verify" and had to leave, assuring me that it was all working but I just needed to reboot a few times.

By late afternoon, after many attempts to get it to work and a text conversation with him, he told me it was a National Problem and he would tell me when it was fixed, which he did about 16.30. It is now 22.57 and it still is not working though now it will not even connect to the network. Thus I have been charged £50, plus no doubt Virgin's usual charges for the service, to have no TV at all. Everything's been fine for years until TiVo!





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Re: £50 to cut off my TV thanks to TiVo

It appears the national outage is still in effect.

If you go to the service status checker, it will tell you an ETA for fix- mine currently says tomorrow 8am- but that's an ESTIMATE.

With that being the case, your box wont be able to connect to get provisioned, so until it gets cleared it wont work.


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