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319 Error

Absolutely takes this **bleep**. Please, please explain why this occurs!!!


Sky Movies On Demand:
Sky Cinema:
New This Week:

Film Julia. Error 319 in HD
Plays in Standard.

Film A Promise. Error 319 in HD
Error 319 in Standard

Film Backtrack. Error 319 in HD
Error 319 in Standard

Film Black Mass. Error 319 in HD
Error 319 in Standard

Film Bridge of Spies. Plays

Film Careful What you wish For. Plays.

Film Victor Frankenstein. Error 319 in HD
Error 319 in Standard

Film The Crows Egg. Error 319 in HD
Plays in Standard

Film The Forgotten Kingdom. Plays

Film Pandemic. Plays

That is a random selection. 319 tells that On Demand is temporarily unavailable, which it clearly isn't as some items play.

It's not temporary either as the Frankenstein film hasn't played for the whole week it's been on.

What's the point in paying for a service that never fully works. It is CLEARLY an issue at your end as so many people have the same problem.

Sort it or I'm off to Sky. It might be more expensive but at least I get all that I pay for.

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Re: 319 Error

Check your system status messages and you may find the same as me that there is a known fault regarding the 319 errors and due to be fixed 18:00 on 14th.
Just note that this was originally 10:00 on the 10th so a moving goalpost for sure.
I had been experiencing these 319 errors when the Paralympics were on as reported several things so glad it has taken them a month or more to finally get round to sorting it.
I guess a certain amount of people reporting it finally triggers a fault as I just got fobbed off.
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Re: 319 Error

Hi Theloony1,


Welcome back and thank you for posting your message, I'm sorry to read that there is an issue resulting in that error message in the home. 


I have been looking into the account and whilst I can see that as of now the TiVo is showing some healthy signs, there is a detectable issue on any broadband you may have in the home. 


I would like to have an engineer come out and take a look at this to see if there's something we can assist with in the meantime. If you can have a little look inside your 'Inbox', you'll see I've sent you a 'Private Message'. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope Smiley Happy


Speak to you soon.


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Re: 319 Error

how many threads are there on the 319 error?

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