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3 Green flashing lights and poor internet speeds

Since we had Virgin installed on the 18th of August, we have had nothing but problems. One of the problems is the Tivo box has 3 green flashing lights and keeps restarting multiple times a day. I looked into this and apparently it's a problem with the box. On the day it was installed I heard the engineer on the phone mention 3 green flashing lights, so I thought nothing of it and thought things were running as they were supposed to. So he was aware of the problem and just ignored it? He was also quite rude and non stopped complained how bad his job was or how busy he was.

Secondly we are paying for 152mb broadband but our speeds have been less than half that. I do regular speed tests and only twice have I seen it reach 152. It usually reaches 40-50mb and at the moment we are only getting 0.27mb.


I want to know what can be done. I either want it sorted quickly and atleast half my bill knocked off, or I switch provider. Over my dead body will Virgin get a penny of my money otherwise.

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Re: 3 Green flashing lights and poor internet speeds

Hi simon247,

Can you go to and click on router stats in the top right and post your downstream and upstream power levels. It sounds like a power level fault to me.

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Re: 3 Green flashing lights and poor internet speeds

Hi Simon247,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I am sorry to hear that since installation your TiVo® and Broadband haven't been working fully for you.  This is not the best start we like to hear about so I'd like to help g et this fixed for you and help get the services working better for you.


In relation to the engineer's behaviour, I will take on board this feedback you have given us and ensure we learn from this experience.  It is important that we ensure that this doesn't happen again.


I have carried out some checks remotely with the TiVo® box and Broadband service and I can see signal issues that aren't within range that need fixing.  


In order to get this fixed I will arrange for an engineer to call out.  I will send the details of the next steps in a private message.  (Look for the envelope icon above)

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