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25% load issue

I have getting increasingly frustrated with my tivo box and netflix combo, stopping mid watching and not loading in the 1st place, keeps getting stuck on 25%! It only happens on my tivo and not through my ipad, but i prefer to watch it on my tv.
I know it seems to be a big issue and has been for a while, but when is it going to get better? It is poor service, no matter what time of day or night it is.
Please help!!!
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Re: 25% load issue

Hi there Hurndallj, 

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Netflix through your TiVo®. 

I've done some testing on your TiVo® and can see no reason for this to happen. We are aware that some customers are having issues when viewing Netflix, and sometimes when re run tests we can see something that may contribute to the issue, however in your case I can not, all signal strengths seem to be spot on, and there are no bandwidth issues in your are.

We are currently in discussions with Netflix regarding a fix to this issue, however I do not have an estimated fix time for this. One workaround that we have discovered is to come completely out of the app, then go back into it - some customers have said that this will allow them to view the show they were trying to watch. 

Apologies once again. 


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