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1Tb TiVo box = slow access to menus, NetFlix, etc

The TiVo menu system is that slow now, a webpage loads quicker on a PC. I have lately been using a PC connected wirelessly to send NetFlix to the tv, because it is far quicker.

Our 1Tb TiVo box we had installed when VM first released them, but in the past 2 months its basically running now at a snail's pace! We tried rebooting it several times, made no difference at all. Is this because of the 10Mb line it uses, because I cannot see any other reason why it is so slow on menus, and apps?

We also have a 4 HD Streaming account with NetFlix, the app itself has always been slow logging in - We even turned off the Password required, because that just makes it slower.

If we access NetFlix from a PC, iPad or even a XBOX, it is much quicker - hence, it points down to the 1Tb TiVo box. We even got another 500Gb TiVo box in the bedroom, but that does not record anything - in theory it should be quicker!

With these TiVo Boxes I assume they use HDD and not SSD drives? It would be understandable if a HDD drive had less than 10% of space left, but we do not record much in the lounge, in the bedroom the TiVo has nothing recorded on it.

The last straw came last week when the TiVo Box in the bedroom started buffering every few seconds, I checked the NetFlix servers they were all fine. I was enjoying watching a NetFlix only series when it happened. So, I checked the NetFlix iOS App on the iPad and it was working fine. Surely, I cannot be the only person with this issue?



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Re: 1Tb TiVo box = slow access to menus, NetFlix, etc

From yours and tens of other posts, I think we're all experiencing the same thing. The end game for the current production run of Tivo. If you decide that it's not Virgin servers or network infrastructure that's causing the problems, then the box has got to be the culprit, and with the number of unhappy users, surely that must mean a new specification machine is needed. However after much experience here, I fear that will be like getting blood from a stone. Sky are trying to go hard-disc-less next apparently, so everything 'served'.  Can't see it myself, but then I still like vinyl.

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Re: 1Tb TiVo box = slow access to menus, NetFlix, etc

I have had this same issue with iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube on the Tivo box. Been getting this issue for 5 months and have complained to VM many times.

iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube all work fine when using them on a laptop with the VM Broadband. The VM Tech support explained that the Tivo does not use the broadband line, but has a separate 10Mbs line that it uses. They say the issue due to an external bandwith issue which they were planning to have been upgraded on 18/Nov/2015. Last night they have now told me it be Jan/2016.

They have refunded part of my subscription fee due to the poor service - I recommend that you call up and complain.

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