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£100 to replace a cable! Seriously?!?

So when my Tivo service was first fitted, we ensured there was enough cable to reach all round the lounge to give us scope to move the TV if we felt like it.

Some time ago, we had an engineer in to deal with a signal problem, and for whatever reason, and without our knowledge, he must have trimmed the cable down to just fit to the Tivo box.

Now, I want to move the TV, but no longer have sufficient cable. A call to Virgin customer services says that they will send out an engineer, but only if I cough up another £100!

NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Considering I pay for 2 Tivo boxes, and 2 standard boxes, as well as the top broadband, phone and mobile services, and have been a loyal customer for many years ... I'm not in the least bit happy about this.


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Re: £100 to replace a cable! Seriously?!?

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Re: £100 to replace a cable! Seriously?!?

Hi Grunth0s Smiley Happy


Thank you for coming in and posting in the Community, you're certainly not a stranger here.


The cost of the work is to ensure that the services will be online and with no problem to accompany them. Whilst it is cheaper to go for the option as Beaker656 has mentioned, it can be costly in terms of your services.


The length of the cable determines the signal egress/ingress and when adding or subtracting services into the home, the right attenuators must be added. If the wrong customised setup is made it can knock off your services and create errors.


It is certainly worth the call into us to discuss so please give us a call on 150/ 0345 454 1111.


Take care.


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