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PPPoE username and password

how can i find out whats my PPPoE user name and password,, as my router is far away from my ps3 and connection strenght is like 50% 8(

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Re: PPPoE username and password

There isn't one - what are you trying to do? If you want to hard wire in your PS3, then it is simply a case of connecting an ethernet cable from your PS3 to the Super Hub / Router...

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Re: PPPoE username and password


i need PPPoE username and password for my virgin media hub(router) because i have conection erorr on ps vita erorr is only in game,  you can see on the link


i have problem only with call of duty but on me friend ps vita is working on normal wfi conection 

i play other games on multi player and have no problems 

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Re: PPPoE username and password

as others have posted the virginmedia dont use pppoe/pppoa, the virginmedia hubs work of a docsis/hfc network compared to a adsl network which use pppoe, if your trying to log into the hub gui page the usernamee:admin password:changeme
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