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DNS Server Not available !!!

For the fourth day in a row, I can not use the internet because the DNS server is down !!
Is there away to get this fixed !!
I did call the helpdesk but not use
I sent an e-mail the response was wait for 5 days !!!
Do I have to change to another ISP to get a better service !!
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Re: DNS Server Not available !!!

have u tried changing ur DNS to Google or someone else?

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Re: DNS Server Not available !!!

I'm using the OpenDNS servers which are 




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Re: DNS Server Not available !!!

Hi wzamil,


When you lose connection can you confirm how you establish that it is the DNS servers that are the problem. If you are receiving the standard Internet Explorer cannot display webpage message then although it does say that it is possibly DNS server issues this is not usually the cause. The cause could be that you have lost connection to the Internet completely and we would need to know what happens to the lights on your modem when the connection drops.

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Neil D
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