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Unable to join friends parties on Xbox Live

Starting today I've been unable to join my friends parties on Xbox, and no one can connect to me. I've got in touch with Xbox live and followed all the steps to try and resolve the issue, and it has lead me to contact VM. The xbox tech support staff believe it's an issue with VM since my xbox NAT type is open, and nothing else can explain why I'm having trouble. I've noticed other people have had the same problem and VM have resolved it for most people. Can anyone help me with this please?

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Re: Unable to join friends parties on Xbox Live

Hi Ben17891,


Unfortunately this is not something we provide advice on.


However, one of our community members may be able to help. There are also many guides on the forums explaining how to change these settings.

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Re: Unable to join friends parties on Xbox Live

Log in to the VM Hub
Go to set password
Restore factory defaults tick yes and apply.

Then log back in to the hub go to services tab and untick all boxes so the firewall is OFF.

Then click wireless settings and set the wireless to the following:

Wireless Mode: 145Mbps
Wireless Channel: 1 , 6 , 11 or 13

Factory defaulting the superhub could fix the problems and the rest will improve your connection for gaming online, when firewall is off ping is a lot better.
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Re: Unable to join friends parties on Xbox Live

Hi Ben17891,


Was just running a few checks on your modem and can see your downstream power is too low. I shall send you a Private Message.

Kind Regards,

Jason G.
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