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Superhub vs. Plain old Modem

As a long time virgin media customer (i am still technically waiting for my area to come out of "Being Planned" stage for 100mb) i have 50mbit off VM, which, for the bulk of it, is great


I am an "above average" user, in regards to my actuall internet usage, I watch a lot of live tv, iplayer, etc etc and i tend to rdp from work into my home machine to continue doing whatever im doing (mainly because it gets around work firewalls)


However, after spending a lot of time reading these forums, i can see that well.... these superhubs stink, and well... They dont fit in with my home network as it stands at the moment.


Example, I do not use any VM Provided Equipment (outside of the initial modem) I have enterprise-class (hey i got them free from work, why not use them) routers, and have laid out my home network exactly as I like it.


My question stands, the superhub is more then I really need/want it to be, I am actually really happy with the fact i have a seperate modem to my router, mainly due to the fact of the old days when you could get the VHS/DVD Combi TV's (if one fails, it all fails, and I have seen this happen so much by reading these forums) but I digress....


So.... Ive read somewhere that the 100mb package, is only supported by the superhub, is there actually a technical reason for this, since 50mbit modem I have is fully DOCSIS3 capable, or just because VM want to annoy people, and switch to another service provider? (since, minus setup fee, I can have a fully dedicated 100/100 line, for less then £2/mbit)