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Re: Vivid 200 for gamers

Wow, that's really bad.

I'm in a bit of limbo at the moment my internet is achieving 15-35Mbps (instead of 200Mbps), my TiVo box is dying and I'm paying for an old HD box with a terrible user interface.

Believe it or not... my bill is higher than that of 2 V6 boxes and the 200 VIVID Gamer option. I was considering upgrading (at what should be no cost), but I play FPS regularly and it looks like the SH3 would be awful for that.

What to do...

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Re: Vivid 200 for gamers

Upgraded to Vivid for Gamers. First thing i have noticed Web Browsing seem's to be slower for some reason. Also i keep loosing IP Connection to all of the Connected Devices (Never used to do this on Standard 200mb)

Speedtest's seem to be Fine though.

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