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Steam Winter Sale Now Live

The Steam Winter Sale is taking place from December 22 to January 2.

What will you buy ?

Welcome to the most friendliest community.

Have you got technical problem post it and we will help you fix it.
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Re: Steam Winter Sale Now Live

hmm for some retro.. life of pixel and vektor wars.. 

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Re: Steam Winter Sale Now Live

I like the look of Grim Dawn..

Anyone played it?


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Re: Steam Winter Sale Now Live

There's some nice retro psx games there for £7.99. While it is tempting to own a PC HD port... I still have the original discs for them, so emulating wouldn't be a problem. Not got a PSX anymore though, the disc drive gave out long ago and I tossed it. Before it died, I would put the game in, power it up then flip the console upside down - that seemed to keep it going a little while longer.

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Re: Steam Winter Sale Now Live

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PS4s can play PS1 and PS2 titles Shelke, or they should do with the built in emulator on the PS4. Give it a try Smiley Happy

As for Steam sales... I don't need anything at all, my steam list is extensive and I haven't touched a huge majority of the games. I haven't finished Witcher 3, MGS V TPP, etc which I should get around to, after all I bought them when they just were released so would be a waste of money not to Smiley Tongue

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Re: Steam Winter Sale Now Live

Paid £3.17 for the Planetary Annihilation Titans expansion pack:

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