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Re: the get it right from a genuine site crackdown

drifting a little off topic now, to the mechanica of e-newspaper subscriptions

 I have asked hte Guarding this, twice, and have said no answer = no subscription but they keep ignoring me...

 I am tempted to pay if only to stop the constant nags when reading for free, but...

 If I buy a digital only subscription - how do the limits operate. Can I then read on any PC, tablet I own logged into my account... then can my wife also read on the smart phone on the same sub.. if I dont get multiple device usage then I am unwilling to pay, e.g. I alternate between tablets all the time - one in iuse, one on charge.

As they will not answer and there's nothing in their FAQ or on google I am left guessing. It would not make sense to tie a subscription to an IP address as many subscribers will want to read at home + at work + on the commute. but they need some limits to stop entire communities sharing one sub ?. if I go buy from the newsagents we can all read the same paper copy, all at once if we share out the sections.... 

also, the other big reason to pay is to go ad free. but it is it really ad free or will there still be click-bait crap from taboola stuck at the bottom of each page.

 I welcome feedback on other subs that are available like the Times, the Telegraph, NY times. I can read 2 out of 3 of those by frequently wiping cookies beofre the free article limit kicks in - I'd consider paying up if I had answers to the device limits questions above

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