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"Affordable" 4K Projectors coming this year

There are some fascinating 4K Projectors to come using new "lower cost" DLP technology:

- Optoma UHD60

- Benq W11000

- Acer V9800

- Vivitek HK2288

check those out, if you have a big white wall in your flat. This allows for a 4K display at 100-150" in your home (depending on lens/zoom and distance from the projector to your wall), this may be the best way to take advantage of all the 4K pixels coming out of the Virgin Media V6 box..

For sure, these being "affordable" seem to be priced not lower than £3000 right now. Too high..

But hopefully soon 4K DLP Projectors will come down in price below £1000 with decent brightness and contrast.. when that happens, hopefully this year, imagine your next 4K home theatre...

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