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VM Site

The VM website on my computer is having "essential work" carried out on it. This has been ongoing for nearly a week now. Any idea when it will be completed or is this just a standard message to fob me off? Answers please.

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Re: VM Site

Hello valerie99,

Thanks for joining us on the Community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear that you're struggling with your homepage. As far as I know our website is up and running. Would you please attach a screen shot so I can see what error you're getting.

Thanks for your patience,

Take care.


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Re: VM Site

Do follow the advice above. But there is something else you can try. Clear your browser cache and cookies (Google this if you don't know how). That often sorts. What your browser is doing is picking up and displaying an old page that you must have had once, instead of fetching the new page which is working OK.


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Re: VM Site

Hello Heather,

I finally managed to get through to one of VM's tech team in India  who was very helpful indeed. She took over my screen and guided me all the way through until the problem was resolved. Hopefully I shan't need to bother the community with this problem again. 

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