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Task Bar

All the prompts in my task bar have disappeared. I had -

imported from  :  virgin media cable  ;  facebook  ; virginmedia email

How do I get them back please, and especially the fairly long list under imported from.




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Re: Task Bar

Hello Hatty,

Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the Community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear that you've lost your saved shortcuts on your task bar. What version of Windows are you using please? I've had a bit of a play about with the PC I'm using which is Windows 7 and I can just drag and drop programmes and shortcuts to my task bar. Let me know what operating system you're using and I'll try and find specific instructions for you.

Take care.


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Re: Task Bar

[ Edited ]

If you're using Windows 10: just drag stuff on to the taskbar, or if stuff is in the start menu right click on what it is you want, then select pin to taskbar.  You can also access taskbar settings by right clicking on the taskbar itself, then a context menu will pop up.  Select taskbar settings.  Looks like Mickeysoft has kept this feature (not a bug!)Smiley Very Happy

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