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Road works outside business

I have recieved a letter on Monday 6th February 2017 about works due to be carried out tomorrow Thursday 9th Feb 2017. First of all recieving a letter on a Monday for works following as soon as Thursday only 3 days notice is not acceptable.
Secondly the hours that work is due to commence is between 8am-4pm, I am a business with limited parking as it is, I open between 8am-2pm I need access for custom and deliveries as well as staff to attend.

The road you have stated you want to build a trench is a cul-de-sac. There is no other alternative routes, if you block or stop access residents will not be able to leave or get to their flats as there is no other side to the flats or alternative door access other than the route through this road. Many residents are elderly. 
If you block access I will have to close my business for five days, meaning a loss in custom and finances over our busiest days of the week/weekend.

My business is on the corner of 16 Spring road, Shelfield. We are virgin customers ourselves and rely on the services for our own business so again if the service was cut for five days it would impact us greatly, especially at this time of year in our sector of work.
We are a new business that has been open for nearly 9 months building our customers from scratch, this will affect us dramatically and even loose us customers as they seek other alternatives over 5 days.

We phoned Virigin Media but we was told we would get a call back, but have not had any correspondence.

If the works were done during the beginning of the week Sunday to Wednesday and after 1pm it wouldn't affect us so greatly if access was restored before this time each day. 

We would appreciate information before tomorrow as it is due to start 8am tomorrow morning.

K. Poynton

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Re: Road works outside business

hiya @Poynton16 it will be around a week or thereabouts to get a reply from a forum admin, and doubt anything will be changed with all the contractors etc..
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Road works outside business

Hi Poynton16

Firstly may I thank you for taking the time to join us on the community and for dropping by with your post on the community about the then impending works.

I appreciate that any works that are done on the main carriageway or footpaths near your location would be an inconvenience to you and my apologies if this caused any concern or difficulties to you, your business and the local residents.

These types of works are logged with the local council and applied for between 6-8 weeks in advance. Your LEA may well put up notifications of impending works to be done on their site or in the local newspapers to notify people in the area of this in order for objections to be logged in a timely manner. The works due may also be registered on

I have checked your postcode on this site and can see our works were updated there around the 2nd Feb and does appear to advise that there is a possibility of some carriageway incursions for the work we need to take place.

As a company we are under no obligation if we have permits to send letters to notify customers and non-customers residing in the area. We do so as a courtesy to advise in advance once we know works are due to go ahead.

I do hope that whilst the works are underway these do not create too much of an impact to you and your custom and hope that your new business continues to grow successfully for you.

Please keep in touch if need anything else.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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