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Noisy manhole cover ruining our sleep...

I've been reporting the same noisy manhole cover at 303 Burdett Road in London for over 8months now. It makes a loud band when a vehicle drives over it. This is right next to our bedroom and several other flats and is totally messing up our sleep.  I have literally lost count how many times I have called, emailed, tweeted about this.  What ever SLAs Virgin has they must be virtually non existent.  You report it, get a reference and then nothing happens.  I have also reported this to TFL (also useless) who manage the roads but can't do anything as Virgin Media own the cover.  The fix is so simple and yet no one does anything.

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Re: Noisy manhole cover ruining our sleep...

Hey franclowe,


I'm so sorry to hear of the problems being caused by the noisy manhole cover, I'd like to find out what's going on with this for you. Let me also take this opportunity to welcome you to the community.


Are you able to provide me the reference number that you were given please? I'd like to look into this matter further and find out what's happening with the incidents you've reported. Feel free to PM me if you'd rather not disclose the information publicly.


Speak soon Smiley Happy


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