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No internet

I Just buy a freedom bordband box with home phone. Anything is working when I start the box. I Just have the flashing green line at the bottom.
How can I use wi-fi? I 'm not registered yet on the virgin media website.
Please help.
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Re: No internet

What are talking about? You can't buy equipment to connect to the VM network. No VM equipment is called "freedom box". You can only get get equipment from VM to rent and connect to their network. You need to explain in more detail what is going here.


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Re: No internet

Maye he bought this

If so I am also confused. How is the broadband being delivered, exactly ?

No landline needed! Metro Freedom Broadband from Digiweb only requires a small radio on your home to provide you with superfast internet speeds and excellent WiFi range! As Metro is a Fibre powered broadband, it also provides great reliability too.

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