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Lenovo Tablet

about 6 weeks ago John Lewis replaced my Lenovo with a newer version (I am told). Recently I have realised that it receives emails but does not send! My pc is ok, but not the tablet. Any email goes to the outbox. John Lewis have checked the tablet and say it is fine. VM Glasgow do not want to know as it is a "retail" store. Can anyone help, please? I am a total muggle with tech equipment!

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Re: Lenovo Tablet

Check that the outgoing server is set to & that SSL is on with port 465, also that you've entered your full email address as the username & your email account password under the outgoing server settings.

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Re: Lenovo Tablet

You have previously posted the same question here: and the answer is unchanged.

Check you have correctly configured your email client against the settings provided here

Confirming exactly what email client you are using may help in providing further help.

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