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How do I find out my modem's SSID remotely?

 I am travelling and have an Amazon fire stick - and I've lost the remote. I need to connect it to a wifi.


I have been advised to make my phone a hotspot and use the same SSID and password as my modem (at home) the fire stick is usually connected to.  I know the password but not the SSID.


Is that somewhere on my VM profile perhaps? Or can anyone suggest another solution?  I have the Amazon fire stick remote app installed on my phone so, once connected to the hotspot, I should be able to use it.



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Re: How do I find out my modem's SSID remotely?

from memory ( sold my fire sticks) the fire stick remote app looks for all sticks within [ wifi direct] range & shows you a list to choose from. so you should not need to " know" your home ssid.

 also, most amazon devices now copy your wifi credentials to amazon servers,[ default is ON, you can disable it ] so amazon cloud probably already "knows" your home wifi credentials

 and thirdly - when you go into  wifi settings on the stick - it should show you all previously  used ones [ all android devices do that ? ]- It will not show you psswords but you say you know the password. it will show you previous DSSIDs I am sure.



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