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Volume not working via V+ remote on LG tv


Model is 37LH3010 - I have tried several codes but nothing works.Pressing and hold the VOL+ and MUTE keys together does not work. I have to press TV and * buttons just to enter a code. I have been unable to find a code anywhere. There are no LG codes in the list on the V+ box.


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Re: Volume not working via V+ remote on LG tv

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                  LG have to notify the likes of sky, virgin etc of new codes.  I have a fairly recent LG lcd tv and found the code 1293 worked for me when no others did. Obviously I don't know if it would work for your LG TV, but give it a go.

If your like me, I trolled the internet for practically every LG code available at the time, and it was only by chance that this one was found that worked.          

Virgin really have no control of the new codes being released as it up to the tv manufacturers to update Sky, Virgin and the likes.    You could also try the Goldstar codes as they are the same manufacturer.  Plus give these ago. :    0065, 0244, 0405, 0318, 0037, 0398, 0191, 0459, 0245, 0389, 0060, 0275
                                                                             Regards dozer167

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Re: LG LS 57 Smart TV code

Hello just purchased the new LG LS57 Smart TV I used the manual search to find the right code for the volume on my Virgin remote hope this helps.

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Re: LG LS 57 Smart TV code



I have the same issue with my new LG. I have a new tivo remote control so don't have a * button and volume + and mute doesn't work either. Any ideas please?



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