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So where did Virgin 1 (Channel 1) go to?

No announcement, no onscreen info, just "Channel 1 is no longer broadcasting"


Google search says BSkyB has dumped Bravo and Channel 1.  Huh??


What has it got to do with BSkyB?


Why has Virgin dumped their own channel?

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Re: So where did Virgin 1 (Channel 1) go to?

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This news was announced months ago. Google it some more for more details.


Sky bought the channels off Virgin. Virgin got some money and a deal for some Sky channels(Some of which are upcoming to the platform)


Sky then closed down the channels.


A lot of the worthwhile programs are being moved to other channels, so it's not a big deal.

Channel One kinda sucked at night. So kinda glad it's gone. With stupid programs like Sexcetera etc on at late night. The quality kinda sucked.


Anyway, Virgin can't provide something that Sky owned and closed down.

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Re: So where did Virgin 1 (Channel 1) go to?

I wonder what's going to replace the lost channels?


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Re: So where did Virgin 1 (Channel 1) go to?

Nothing will they claim there moving the programmes to other channels ,but if that's the case why lose them in the first place ???

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