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using same device but says i need to register.

I had to reinstall the virgin media app due to it freezing on my device, (iPad) when it was reinstalled and I logged in, it said I need to register the device, but I'm on the same device and as it's the 1st of the month do I really have to wait a whole month to access it again even though it was never changed, has this happened to anyone else? What did you do, feels like a complete waste of money and not what I pay for if this is the case? Especially as this has happens before, Can anyone help me?
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: using same device but says i need to register.

Hi Seward1900,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great to have another new face in the Community Smiley Happy


If you have updated the app or the OS on the iPad then you would need to re-register your device. It's easy to do though so don't worry. 


Using a PC/Laptop go to > My Profile > Device Settings. Remove the iPad registration by clicking on the Delete button. 


Once you've done this, using the device you are trying to re-register, open up the TV Anywhere app and log in. Try to stream Channel 4 and this should then prompt you to register the device. 


Follow the prompts on the app and this will register the device for you and streaming will then commence Smiley Happy


Let me know how things go.

Forum Team

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