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tv anywhere on tablet

Hi, I am unable to get tv anywhere on my tablet I have been in touch with the manufacturer NeoCore and they have told me it is not rooted and no unauthorized modifications have been made and that the app only works on tablets approved by Virginis there anything you can do to help with this, it won't even connect with my tivo box.


Regards Lin.

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Re: tv anywhere on tablet

So, you have successfuly downloaded the app and get a message saying you can't access your TiVo when you try to stream a channel?
Try channel 104 or any channel with a wifi symbol.
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Re: tv anywhere on tablet

You don't say whether you have installed the App and then getting errors, or unable to install the app at all?

Some Android tablets/phones may not actually be rooted, but contain certain files which applications like Virgin's TV Anywhere or SkyGo look for - if they are found, the app will not install - this is usually because of agreements that these companies have with the copyright holders of the broadcast/streamed material.

This problem is not  unique to Virgin. It has also been found on SkyGo forums.  An example is

You may be interested to know that Google have a list of devices that are supported on Google Play (Note, Google are not saying that other devices won't work via Google Play, just that they are unsupported by them if they don't) - I can't find the name Neocore on that list at all.

I found a link containing advice from Sky with how to try to get SkyGo installed on devices that are being reported as unrooted.  It may, or may not work for you to get TV Anywhere installed.  I offer this at your own risk (the link is from 2013 and is for a different app) - but it might help you find a solution - if any is possible.


Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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