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tv anywhere 7 kindle fire HD7

Is virgin slowly coming to a halt?? I have just purchased a Fire HD7 tablet after reading up on what you can and cannot do with it and since my main reason for upgrading from my old kindle  e reader was to enhance my tv anywhere experience from small screen I phone to 7" kindle viewing. Amazon are giving a free download of the TV Anywhere app direct to new kindles via whispernet and it duly arrived in my library within seconds only for me to be told, on attempting to access the app, that my device was not compatible with TV Anywhere. NOW !!! Both Virgin and Amazon are touting the fact that the app and kindle devices are compatible - So what is going on, even the app on my laptop is not working correctly, tells me that I have 1 change left this month but then will not show me my devices to make any such change. What I want to know is why can't I find out whats going on, surely there must be a law somewhere that precludes false advertising information.

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Re: tv anywhere 7 kindle fire HD7

Hi 3hug3, 


Please make sure you are only posting once about your issue. We understand it's frustrating when something's not right however posting more than once about the same fault makes the boards look busier than what they actually are. It also means we could take longer to reply due to needing to sift through duplicate posts.
Please also stick with that one so we keep all the information in one place. 




Forum Team

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