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tivo not connected to home network



Please help as I'm loosing the will to live with this "TV Nowhere". I have both iPhone and iPad registered correctly with the TV Anywhere App. Up until recently I could access the TV guide, set recordings away from home via the App and also control the TV via the App. I have never been able to watch TV 'Anywhere' because the system always comes up with the same error message in the the Tivo is not connected to the same WiFi network?


Having just spoken with VM I.T. in India I may as well used the ashtray on my motorbike, useless!


I have the Tivo box in the living room whilst the SuperHub is in an upstairs bedroom. WiFi is not an issue around the house with this setup but I fully appreciate that the SuperHub does not work off WiFi so I have an ethernet cable in the back to a WiFi booster through the hard wired home electrical system. Next to the SuperHub is a similar ethernet connection directly into the back of the SuperHub. I was advised some time ago by a Virgin Media engineer that this would work and whilst in the house, it did. The TV Anywhere facility has however never worked. Any now, non of it works :-(

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Re: tivo not connected to home network

1) When away from home, are you connected to wifi or via mobile data?


2) While attempting to stream a channel, are you sure that you are trying to stream a channel that can be streamed?


3) What channel number are you trying to stream?

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