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my shows tivo only 11% and 10% before space very little recordings

im not complaining about my box going wrong because the results i have come back are fine but the recordings i only recorded 8 full programmes and when i read what it read it was 10% and the recording space bar was very little and i recorded a few lastnight and it changed to 11% and the space is very little but i got told buy the engineer i recorded loads of programmes and xmas ones and i dont think it filled the recording space up either i think the results for my last box it was something like 12 % and then proberly changed to 14% and he also added if you put loads of recordings on the box it can cause problems with the box going wrong so i will try and see what number it goes up to cheers from jonni

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Re: my shows tivo only 11% and 10% before space very little recordings

Hi Jonni,


I've responded to another of your post. Just to let you know on this post, that I am testing your TiVo® and have sent you a private message regarding that issue. 


Having 12%-14% usage of the TiVo® hard-drive is pretty good. My own TiVo® at home was up to 92% and started deleting programmes that I hadn't set KUID (keep until I delete) on. I've since gone through and cleaned My Recordings out and it's now back down to 56% and working fine. So it is true that the more full your TiVo® hard-drive is, the chances of it deleting programmes to make space for future recordings does happen. But I wouldn't be worried unless you're almost at full capacity percentage (80-90%). 


If you notice programmes deleting or problems with your TiVo® box when you are at 14%, please let me know--just respond to the message I've sent you regarding your other post. 




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