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iPad vs laptop

Hi, I'm new to Virgin Media (Big Kahuna package)

I initially registered my iPad before realising that I couldn't watch On Demand on there, so registered my laptop as suggested, but can't see movies that were listed on my iPad (e.g. Hunger Games collection)?

Am I missing something or can I only watch Sky movies?

Many thanks

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Forum Team
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Re: iPad vs laptop

Hi OrangeLight, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Forums. It's great to have you involved in our Community. Smiley Happy


TV Anywhere via the app, you are not able to view On Demand content. You can view live streaming and use the app to manage your TiVo® box.


If you would like to view On Demand content via TV Anywhere, you will need to use a PC / Laptop. You are able to register 2 devices so you can have the PC / Laptop registered aswell as your iPad Smiley Happy


Have a look here for all things TV Anywhere:


I'm here if you have any other queries or questions too. 



Forum Team

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