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app will not work using ethernet..

had Virgin installed today and the installer seems to have got info wrong..

installer said WiFi will reach and be fine in the conservatory but it isnt, now I have a HP 21" android tablet in there and was looking forward to using the Anywhere app but with the poor WiFi its not going to be stable enough like it was on Infinity so I thought I would set up my uber long ethernet but the app does not work with ethernet, it says I have no WiFi or Mobile data active...

not very happy right now.

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Forum Team
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Re: app will not work using ethernet..

Hi jough,


Thanks for your post on the Forum, sorry to hear that your TV Anywhere isn't working after your installation. Apologies as well for the delay in getting back to you. It can take up to 48 hours after installation for the server to update with the TiVo information and authorize the apps.


I can see on a more recent post that the channel on the tablet your children were watching changed when you changed the channel on your TiVo, so it looks like TV Anywhere is activated for you now. 


Regarding the odd channel changes on the TVA app when changing channel on your TiVo--is this tablet connected via Ethernet cable to the TiVo? Is this still happening? If it is, does it happen on a wireless connection?


Please let us know so we can investigate this further.


Kind regards,



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