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Windows 10 app

Hi, Could someone confirm if there are any future plans to release a Windows 10 app for TVAnywhere?


With the Windows Store being integrated into Windows 10 and requiring an e-mail address to login to it there should be an opportunity to release one.


I think it's also possible to have a subscription model on Windows Store so it could even be released for a small subscription.


A lot of people like to watch streams or even TV on their computers with a decent screen size and not on a small tablet, this would obviously be ideal for this purpose without having to rely on specific browsers and with Windows 10 apparently being the sole operating system from Microsoft from this point forward it will have a large userbase which won't be browser dependent meaning standard code will do for all users.

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Re: Windows 10 app

Wholeheartedly agree, excellent idea

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Windows 10 app

Hi DJSubterrain, 


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


Currently there are no plans to create an app for Windows devices. 


If this is to change, we will certainly let you know.



Forum Team

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Re: Windows 10 app

Virgin should invest time in a Windows Universal App, that way they would reach tablet, phone and desktop users in one hit.......crazy not to I think.