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Why does TV Anywhere inconsistantly play!

I have been using TV anywhere on my laptop for sometime now with no issues.

However, in the last month or so i have experienced an issue where TV Anywhere does not load!

This is most frustrating! Appreciate the service can be temporarily down at time but as i said this is now happening more often than not.

Is this going to be resolved long term shortly? Am I best to bite the bullet and quit virgin and seek a reliable service provider?!

Assume others are experiencing this issue? Always on Champs League night!

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Re: Why does TV Anywhere inconsistantly play!

It used to be just when EPL games were on BT Sport (usually once a week).

It's now that, plus every Champions League and Europa League matchday too, now that BT Sport have exclusive rights.

We've all made sure that VM are fully aware of the problem. They haven't fixed it in 20 months.  In that 20 months, Virgin Media have continued to use TV Anywhere to close sales, and as a means of justifying yearly price-hikes, so more & more people are trying to use what was an already failing service.  It can't cope.

20 months.  Don't hold your breath.

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Re: Why does TV Anywhere inconsistantly play!

Hi scottob88, 
Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great to have you here and I can only apologise for the continued issues you are having. 
We have been working on this and as well as making changes in the background to help relieve things, we've also tried increasing the capacity hoping this would fix things.
It looks as though we need to go back to the drawing board so we are trying a new approach as everything we are currently doing doesn't seem to be working Smiley Sad
We are looking to try and identify any trends with the errors you are getting against the devices or OS you are using. Can you come back to me with the following:
> What is the Full make and Model of your device?
> What is the OS Version?
> What is the EXACT error message you are getting?
I know you are frustrated but hopefully this will help us reach a resolve. 
Forum Team

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