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Why am I forced to create a Virgin Media email account that I don't want?


Finally last night, after over an hour of trying, I managed to get TV Anywhere on my laptop to show live tv from my M package.  So far so difficult.  But in the house there are two of us, with two laptops and two smartphones - I'd like them all to be setup.  This can't be an unusual situation I'd have thought?

At the moment my virgin account is linked to my own personal email address which is what I want.  But as I understand, to add another account for my partner, I need to create an additional TV Anywhere account for myself, and then another one for my partner.  Why?  Neither of us need or want yet another email account.  We won't use it.  Its just hassle.  And I believe if we don't use it every 90 days the email account will be disabled??

Am I missing something?  Any help appreciated.

- Rob

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Re: Why am I forced to create a Virgin Media email account that I don't want?

You can set up two devices for streaming with TV Anywhere e.g both mobile devices, or one mobile device and one laptop. You won't be able to have all four of your devices activated for streaming - although all devices can be used for TiVo management. This is a device limit is placed on TV Anywhere as part of the content rights.

For mobile devices you use the primary My Virgin Media username and password on all devices, but this is then saved so it doesn't have to re-entered for the TV Anywhere app - the Sky Sports and Movies apps re-authenticate every 60 days.

For TV Anywhere on a laptop, if you're not worried about your partner having the login details for My Virgin Media, the same primary username and password can be used. Only if you want to either restrict content that's available to the user, or don't want the user to be able to see billing information etc, then a secondary account can be created.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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