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Tuning in
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Watching the revolving white circle

Man Very HappySmiley FrustratedSmiley EmbarassedSmiley MadHow its it that every time I want to watch a TV program on my Kindle Fire HD or want to switch channels I have to watch the loading/connection circle for an absolute age? I found one(Occasional cure), by switching wi fi channels.It's a pain but sometimes works. My Kindle was bought as gift by my father for usage when I have to spend long periods laid on my back or I'm in respite care or hospital. Sadly it looks like he's wasted a lot of money!

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Forum Team
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Re: Watching the revolving white circle

Hi StrickerONE58,


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you've been having an issue with watching TV Anywhere on your Kindle. 


From what you've said, if changing the wireless channel helps resolve this, it sounds as though the issue lays with your connection as opposed to the app itself. 


Do you find you have this issue when trying to stream anything else at the time the loading occurs?


What OS is your Kindle running on?


Come back and let us know.



Forum Team

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