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Watching BT Sport football on TV Anywhere

I would be very grateful if a member of the Virgin Support Team could let me know when the problem with watching BT Sport football on TV Anywhere will be fixed.

I and my family have tried to watch many big matches over the last few months and it is never working. On the Service Status page sometimes it is "essential maintenance", other times "Oh Crikey we can't find that page" or you don't even get that far. You see a picture of a van heading to fix the problem that they are 'aware of' and the 'estimated fix time' is always at least two hours after the match ends. It is so bad that I am not even going to try to watch the Arsenal match at lunchtime because I know it wont work.

I understood that one of the justifications for recent enormous price increases was BT Sport - and I can't even watch it on a service I am paying for.

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Re: Watching BT Sport football on TV Anywhere

Getting exactly the same thing. The stupid thing is I can go and find an illegal stream and watch that yet I cannot watch via the company that has paid for the rights and is taking my money to do so.

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Re: Watching BT Sport football on TV Anywhere

Can get the IOS app to work on Ipad, watching game but whated to watch it on my PC via website which is down



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Re: Watching BT Sport football on TV Anywhere

The service is woefully under-equipped for high demand - such as popular sports events on BT - but Virgin refuse to acknowledge this and when people complain and wish for reparation, VM staff on his forum trot out the excuse that "it's a free service".

It isn't.

We pay for VM's offering because it includes the ability to watch channels on something other than a television.

They know it's not up to the job, but of course, cannot possibly admit this publicly.

These problems have been going on for nearly two years now. I just want to watch BT Sport on my iPad.

Legally. And that is something VM cannot seem to reliably provide. But of course it's easily possible to find an illegal stream of the same content.

Netflix works. Amazon Prime works. BBC Iplayer works.

But TV Anywhere? Nah.

And they just trot out the same excuses. Every time.
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Re: Watching BT Sport football on TV Anywhere

Hi markwells,
Thanks for your post I can only apologies for the continued issues you are having during busy periods for TV Anywhere. 
We have been working on this and as well as making changes in the background to help relieve things, we've also tried increasing the capacity hoping this would fix things. 
It looks as though we need to go back to the drawing board so are still working on things at this end. Hopefully we're not to much longer off a complete fix and once that happens, I shall let you know.
Take care,
Forum Team

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