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Virgin media website, tv anywhere really slow

This is ridiculous! Virgin tv anywhere just does not work! Cutting out all the time and just refusing to play, virgin media website is a joke, poorest slowest web site ever, pure unresponsive and just unusable. Can not watch nothing on virgin tv anywhere and can hardly navigate through the site it self! I pay for these services that are unusable! For the supposed fastest isp in uk its extreamly poor and slow, anyone else share my views or is it just me!!!!

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Re: Virgin media website, tv anywhere really slow

Look around and you'll see that you are indeed not alone.

Oh and welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


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Re: Virgin media website, tv anywhere really slow

I've been banging on about this for years.

Virgin Media pretend to care & will ask you to waste as much of your spare time as possible reporting every instance. If I used TV Anywhere regularly (I'd really like to if it ever worked) that would be a full-time job. But it's all lip-service, I have submitted over 50 reports via the "handy link" but I can only assume nobody reads them, as the service has got better not worse in the 2 years I have used it. That or the techs read them but have no idea what they're doing.

I hate seeing the bad guys win, but my life is all the better for not allowing TV Anywhere to waste any more of it away. Even for the few seconds/minutes at a time that the stream does play, the quality is exceptionally poor compared to even SD content from any other provider (iPlayer/4od/ITV Player/Sky Go).
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Re: Virgin media website, tv anywhere really slow

Hi kirstharr,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with TV Anywhere being slow and unresponsive.


I can see that you have also raised an issue for a slow broadband connection. As TV Anywhere runs via your broadband connection, could you please follow Heather's instructions on diagnosing the connection issue first by trying a direct-wired Ethernet connection from your SuperHub to your computer and see if this improves your connection and the use of the TV Anywhere website.


Please let us know how you get on with this.


Kind regards.

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