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Tv Anywhere - device registered but saying it isn't?



There have been some issues with TV Anywhere recently (couldn't access the app for a couple of days), but this was a known issue on Virgin's website and apparently fixed earlier today.


As of today I can get into the app and change channels on the TV but I can't watch anything on my iPad, as it says my device isn't registered. However when I'm directed to the page to register my device, it is showing as registered (along with my wife's iPad). 


I have uninstalled and re-downloaded the app, but still have the same problem.  Do I need to waste my 1-change-per-month quota to delete my currently-registered iPad and then re-register the same iPad, in order to watch TV on my iPad? 


Thanks for any help! :-)

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Re: Tv Anywhere - device registered but saying it isn't?

Hi Monster_munch


Welcome to the community


Sorry to hear that your unable to stream channels through your iPad even though it is registered.


On your account I can see that you have one device change available. If you can remove the iPad from the list of registrations on your account online, then go back into the app and start streaming a channel to allow for re-registration. Hopefully this will then work for you.


Let me know how you get on


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