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Tivo Box

We currently have a Tivo Box and a V+Box in an upstairs bedroom. We have just received a new Tivo Box, can this simply replace the box upstairs? Do I still have to activate the new Tivo? With two Tivo Boxes installed will they save recorded programmes individually or will the recorded programmes carry over onto the second unit?

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Re: Tivo Box

Hi Paulcharman :


Welcome to the Forums, it's great to see a new face Smiley Happy


Can I ask if this TiVo is to replace the TiVo upstairs or is this an addition to the new home, making this 3 boxes to be used?


The shows are stored individually on each box and the content isn't able to be transferred. You can transfer the recording schedules by using this method.


Keep in touch and all the best Smiley Happy





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