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TVAnywhere device registration

<p>A moderator kindly closed my last thread and advised we should refer to the "TV Anywhere Fault thread" for updated. Unfortunately, there are no updated, and certainly no valid information on that thread, so I am starting this new thread here, where our community can continue to air their dissatisfaction with the service provided by Virgin, as is their right.</p>
<p>It may not solve the issue, but we can but hope that someone some day might finally get the message and resolve things. In the meantime, we have somewhere to vent. Please keep to the rules however, as I don't want this thread closed too.</p>
<p>One thing I cannot understand, is the service was working (well, to a fashion) 9 days ago, so until a fix has been found for this latest blunder, can Virgin not revert back to the settings they had before they created the problem?&nbsp;</p>
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