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TVAnywhere App problem

For over a week now I have not been able to sign in to the TVAnywhere app on my iPad. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app without any luck. I have deregistered my device from the app in the hopes I could reregister it but that has just left me unable to do it because I need to be able to sign in and that is where the problem is. 

When I attempt to sign in I manually input my email address and password, the screen changes to the connecting one but then goes back to the sign in page of the app but with the error message: Server Error SyncAccount Error:0

Nothing I do will let me sign in to the app so I can reregister my device and start using it again - which I was a regular user of until last week when this error started to appear. 

I have an iPad Air, my husband has an iPad 2 and hasn't had any problems with signing in and is still able to use the app with no problem.

can anyone help please as I really miss being able to use my iPad for checking the to schedule, programming recording and using as a remote controller.

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