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TV anywhere registration problems

I have a Huawei media pad via EE and have been using TV anywhere for several months.
Yesterday, whilst I was watching a program I had a pop up saying the device wasn't registered. I followed the link for registration but the link wouldn't work.
I closed down the app and reopened it and it worked fine for about five minutes but then the same thing happened.

Has anyone had this happen before? Why is it suddenly happening after months of being ok? And how do I register - using a link that works!

There must be someone out there who has experienced this and knows why it's happening and how to fix it.
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Re: TV anywhere registration problems

on android it's a badly coded buggy app. not updated for months now.

that is why a force stop, restart fixes it for a while, and clears the not registered, can't register, oops somethign happened bugs...

fro live sport , try acestream instead

 no more peeking around the edges of the big central problem streaming this channel error box, 'co you know that if you hit OK its a 50 / 50 change that you'l be booted out & may not get back in again before the end of the fame... that's the worst designed error message ever, as the game is still sreaming just fine behind it. So long as the action stays out the wings you are OK Smiley Happy

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