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TV Streaming Tablets

I am often confined to bed - medical reasons - and my children thought it a good idea for me to get tv anywhere - that way I can still watch the football when confined upstairs. We merrily set this up and my children treated me to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. Well we have now discovered that tablet doesn't stream tv"

They are now suggesting that I purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (and one of my children inherits the Tab 3)- my question is, will it work??



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Forum Team
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Re: TV Streaming Tablets

Hi cockneymikey, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great to see a new face in the Community Smiley Happy


You can view all the Supported devices for use with the TV Anywhere app here:


If it's not on the supported list, it will be enabled but there is no guarantee it will work. 


Hope that helps.



Forum Team

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