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TV Anywhere on my PC keeps repeating

It appears this was reported back in 2014. Has just started happening again in the last few weeks. Happens on both IE10 and Firefox - not sure if this uses Adobe Flashplayer but that is version 20. Watching a Live TV show but it keeps repeating approx. 5 seconds worth

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Re: TV Anywhere on my PC keeps repeating

This is a constant on some channels, an occasional on others, but as more & more people get devices they can use TV Anywhere on, it seems to get worse & worse.  One of the web team will ask you to waste your time putting in reports here:

despite it not really being about buffering.  A word of warning though - I have submitted over 150 reports in the last year and have just seen it get worse, not better.  VM either don't care enough about this to fix it, or are so incompetent that they don't know how.

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