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TV Anywhere app, can't sign in.

Got my TiVo on Wednesday and downloaded the tv anywhere app to a kindle fire HD. Tried to sign in but it kept saying "invalid username or password". Used the online chat help thing and they said I need to wait 24 hours before using the app. Tried again again on Thursday, no luck. Also downloaded the app on Z3 phone. Same result. Tried again today. Same again. Went on the online chat help again and was told to speak to them again later at 18:15 when I could speak to someone from the second line team. Went through the whole thing again and this person told me the second line team weren't available to help due to a technical problem...Give me strength etc.

I know the username and password are correct as I can log into my virgin media without a problem and I was able to use and view tv anywhere online, but does anyone here know how I can get the app to work, as it's driving me slightly mad, as I would like to use it at the weekend.

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Re: TV Anywhere app, can't sign in.

Hi there Hugh-Jarse,


Thanks for posting.


I am very sorry for the issue experienced with our TV Anywhere service and for the delay in getting this resolved for you.


I have located your account and I can currently see two registered devices in there with one device change available at present.


If you are still experiencing this problem it would be advisable to delete the application and re-install to see if this then works on the Kindle. Alternatively, you can also try deleting the devices from the list and re-register them.


Let me know how you get on with this,


Many thanks,




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