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TV Anywhere Rishtey Europe problem...

For days Rishtey Europe on TV Anywhere is giving me a problem.  The sound is far ahead of the video stream.  Watching from PC windows 10 pro 64bit latest internet explorer to Blaupunkt 43inch full HD smart TV.  Even tried wifi instead of Powerline kit and still giving me the problem.  I cannot do a direct wired Ethernet connection from the upstairs back bedroom virgin hub 3.0 and the PC is in the front room downstairs.  I get high speed from the powerline kit around 80mb.  So its not the broadband.  The PC is fine too.  I'm using a vga cable and vga to dvi adaptor from the PC to TV. Some other channels I have tested and are fine only Rishtey Europe is giving problem.

My virgin media package: 200mb broadband, phone line, TV V6 box, Mix TV and Asian Mela.

What you think could be the problem? How can I fix it?


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: TV Anywhere Rishtey Europe problem...

Hello ukguy183,


Thanks for taking the time to post.


There may of been an issue with that particular time if only that channel had sound problems.


Have you tried using a different device to see if it's the same? I would recommend eliminating equipment one by one to see if anything is causing this.


Speak soon


Forum Team

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