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TV Anywhere Has a Major Flaw

So I just read this post RE: Virgin TV Anywhere and this part of the post worries me.

"The only time it should ask you to re-register your devices is if you have updated the Operating system on the PC, the Browser, the Flash Player and sometimes if you've cleared the Cache and Cookies."

Now first of there has been a Flash Player update in the last week, are you saying then that a change to the Flash Player will require you to re-register your device? That's a really bad move if it is, surely as soon Flash Player gets updated then your registered device is invalid. 

Worst of all is the fact that if you delete your cookies then you also have to re-register your device.

Who actually keeps cookies? I don't I have the option to clear my cookies on browser exit selected.

Does this mean that I always have to re-register my device every time I want to watch something just because I cleared my cookies..

This probably explains why so many users have issues with device registration in TV Anywhere.

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