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TV Anywhere - A joke

After the recent farce that was the week or so without TV Anywhere I decided enough was enough so last week I rang VM and gave them my 30 day notice to leave....

Yesterday I wanted to watch something on TV Anywhere but surprise surprise "your device isn't recognised"...

Clicked the link to manage devices and guess what "you've got no more changes left", so I tried ringing and after half an hour of waiting gave up.

Today I tried ringing, and eventually got through only to be told the reason was because my account closure had been put through this morning!!! Oh really??? So how did this effect TV Anywhere yesterday, and how come TV Anywhere is working on my son's iPad back home?

So it seems if you end your contract with VM they start ending your services early, even though you are paying for them, and then when you contact customer service to get the problem sorted they spend so long transferring you from one place to another that you give up, bang your head against a wall and start to cry!!!

Leaving VM is THE best decision I have ever made, I left once and then, like an idiot came back....Never Ever Again....

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: TV Anywhere - A joke

Hi NeverEverAgain, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community. We're sorry to hear you're leaving us Smiley Sad 


I'd also like to apologise for the issues you've been having when trying to use TV Anywhere. 


The device registration error message can come up for a few reasons. To name a few, changing browsers from the one you registered the device in, updating the browser or app you are using or even updating the OS on the device can cause this error to come up. 


When leaving us, all aspects of your account should work until your disconnection date so apologies for the information you were given over the phone. This is incorrect. 


I have added a device change for you to use. Using a PC/Laptop go to > My Profile > Device Settings. Remove the registration by clicking on the Delete button. 


Once you've done this, using the device you are trying to re-register, open up the TV Anywhere site and log in. Try to stream Channel 4 and this should then prompt you to register the device. Follow the prompts and this will register the device for you and streaming will then commence Smiley Happy


Let me know how things go.

Forum Team

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