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Streaming Sky Sports

I'm having a problem streaming Sky Sports to my new tablet. This seems only to apply to Sky Sports 1 - 5 and I keep getting the message 'Unfortunately, Sky Sports app has stopped working'. I can get the other sports channels. I sign into the Sky Sports using the Virginmedia option. I've cleared the app cache and data and also reinstalled the Sky Sports app.

My new tablet was registered to TV Anywhere and also, I think to the Sky Sports & Cinema (SS&C) option. However in the latter it appears described as 'Android Phone' and I also have a registration for my Galaxy S7 but showing the same name ('Android Phone') in the registration name. I don't know which of the two refers to the tablet (I assume the first in the list), unless the phone is registered twice. In the standard TV Anywhere registration my phone shows as 'Galaxy S7' and the tablet as 'Lenovo Yoga Book' (but I typed that in whereas in the SS&C the name 'Android Phone appeared when I tried to register using the tablet).

Can you please guide me as to what is wrong with the Sky Sports problem and, if the device registration is incorrect, is there anyway that the SS&C registration can be reset, otherwise I'll have to wait for a whole month. If my phone has been picked up twice how can I register correctly without this happening again.

Many thanks.


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