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Sports channels


As part of my contract I have the sports channels, when I'm working away I watch sports on my iPad and have no problem watching them on Sky sports but can't seem to watch football matches when they are on BT sports why is this. Do i need a BT app to enable me to do this Regards Mick

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Re: Sports channels

The VM TV Anywhere App only streams when connected to a wifi or hardwired ethernet connection, it will not work from a mobile or tablet with a 3G sim card in it.

The Sky Sports is viewable through the Sky Sports app as that has no restrictions, however BT Sport on VM is only viewable through the TV Anywhere app and therefore unless you are connected to WIFI it won't stream.

Only BT customers can watch through BT's Sport app so if you require this whilst out of WIFI then you will unfortunately have to change suppliers of broadband.

You could connect a tablet to your phone and use the phone as the hotspot, fooling the tablet into a WIFI connection.

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