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Sky Sports on TV Anywhere

Anyone else finding difficulty logging on to Sky Sports via TV Anywhere? I can access all other channels with perfect clarity, however when I'm actually able to log in to Sky Sports it comes up as a pixelated mess (see image). I have checked the browser (FireFox and IE working and updated), I am connected via ethernet which shows no problem on any other site, I have JAVA, Silverlight all updated and working as expected, I have cleared caches, cookies, rebooted countless times..... In short there is nothing wrong with my set-up.


This is just one of an infinite number of issues I've had with Virgin Media, I just cannot a tech company can get things wrong on such a consistent basis.


Oh, and having just checked, I'm now getting an error message, so can't even log in to Tv Anywhere, thanks Virgin! 




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Re: Sky Sports on TV Anywhere

Hi darrenc86, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the issues you have been having watching Sky Sports. 


It's great to hear all the channels via TV Anywhere are working. This allows us to rest easy knowing you are able to watch some great streams. 


Content for Sky Sports is played from Sky's servers. Have you been having an issue since you posted last week? 


Also have you been able to log in to TV Anywhere since posted? If not let me know what error message you are getting and we can help Smiley Happy



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Re: Sky Sports on TV Anywhere

I have been having exactly the same problem. At first I thought it may be my internet but all other channels seem to be streaming well, but when logging in through sky sports it looks exactly like that picture above. You can't see a thing! Its been like this for past 3 weeks and is doing the same for the Wba vs Middlesbrough game on sky sports 1. Massively frustrating!

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